255: L, M, N, no pee

Hey, I missed you!

I'm home now from Cleveland, where I was, you know, on a flipping tv show. I am so glad it's over!

Even though I was exhausted and stressed, I did manage to have quite a bit of fun with the lovely and talented Anna, my room-mate.

The pictures I liked best were from my cell phone, go figure!

Over the next few weeks I'll fill you in more, but right now I am swamped with painting the shop, meeting with reps and ordering product. Oh yeah, and working full time.( Ok, that's a lie. I am down to 30 hours now at my job-job. But still.)

I will  tell you this: the producer said I was "a natural" and "an excellent guest"!

I was just happy that I didn't pee on the floor.

xo, m