242: fabric rainbow

Yum. Just look at that fabric rainbow. Will there be a softie pot of gold at the end? 

Well my homeboy Ganesh is there, and he is The Remover of Obstacles, so maybe there will be!

This has been a week full of fun and exciting news/happenings/connections.

All of a sudden, things seem to be moving very fast and I am trying to keep up! Thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes on my upcoming television appearance! How can that even be a real thing I just wrote? Oh my god.

So, yeah, I am freaking a bit.

A bit?

Who am I kidding? I am way freaking.

Sugar Snap yardage is being rushed to me 3 weeks earlier than planned, so I can create a project with my own fabric for the taping! That means I am getting it this week! I am going to drape it around my shoulders, cape-style, and run around the house with it.

I am going to photograph it and pet it and smile at it and coo at it. 


Fellow Free Spirit designer news:

Have you seen Heather Ross's new blog?

Have you visited the blog of new designer Jenean Morrison? We chatted on the phone last week and she is a doll. I wish her adorable accent could come through in her blog!

Did you see that Denyse Schmidt is on  the cover of the current issue of American Craft Magazine?

Denyse and I had ice cream cones together on Friday. She got mocha chip and I got peanut butter cup. We borrowed the lawn in the cemetery across the street  (so the dogs wouldn't harass her) and chatted for an hour or so about life, business and family. She looked so cute in a stripey a-line skirt, brown girly tee and brown flip-flops (kicked off, of course). Nope, no pictures. My camera was acting up and plus I would have felt like too much of a geek, I think! Maybe next time. At her request, I gave her a tour of the weed patch garden before she left.

I gave her the one cherry tomato that was ripe. 

More crazy coo coo news to come sometime this week. Perhaps less exciting to you than the tv thing, but more life changing for me.

Oh my god. I hope I am just the right amount of crazy, and not much more.

xo, m