244: tendril in sky

I learned on the Today show that 8/08/08 is a very lucky day in the Chinese culture.

Turns out the number eight is the luckiest of numbers so a date that has three eights in it is pretty rockin' . Plus, it only happens once a century. On August 8th. You following me?

Today is an auspicious day to give you a better look at Sugar Snap, don't you think?

I was just notified of a new (and very short!) deadline, so I don't have it all planned out fancy-pants style like I wanted to. But I thought it would be cruel to keep you waiting any longer. You have been such dreamboats, giving me so much support and encouragement. Thank you.

Remember, this isn't fancy. I mean, I didn't even have a sunny day to photograph, but I am still showing you. And it isn't even really a full introduction, but I wanted to show you something! Ok?  Enough disclaimer?

(deep breath!)

Aw, Mercury. And in the front there, that's Jellyfruit. With two Tendrils behind it.

Wouldn't it be mean if I stopped there? Don't worry. I won't.

Here's something sweet for you to chew on!

From left to right: Kimono, Tendril in sky, Candy Dots, Wallpaper, Jellyfruit, and a little peak of Tendril in jade.

Wiggle and Kimono.

Kimono and Tendril:

Lace and Kimono (with mint):

Approximately 48 million more photos to come. Once I take them.

xo, m