245: cloud squeezing and sugar snapping

Oh, you guys.

Thank you so much for the Sugar Snap love! My heart moonwalks reading your comments.

I have taken a couple of half-days off from my job-job to  hang out with Sugar Snap. We had some catching up to do. We sewed a bit and and sat quietly together a bit. When we weren't doing that we were making out. 

Yes, I actually did walk around all afternoon with these scraps tied around my wrist. 

I was setting up a photo shoot for Sugar Snap! Who wants to see?

Well, ok. If you insist.

You do insist, right? Are you going to get sick of this? You better not. 

First, some silliness. I know, shocking.

Me, draped in Kimono:

Wow, the lawn actually looks good in that picture. It doesn't look that good in real life, trust me!

It has been so much fun getting to know the prints in fabric form. Last night, I sewed a pillow and an apron.

My first apron!

I totally made it up.

The main body of it is Kimono with a pocket made of Tendril in Jade and pocket  detail in Candy Dots.

The front waist part is in the pink Wiggle(not shown), with the ties in the plum Wiggle. The ties are long enough to wrap around and tie in front, or to make a wicked cute big bow in the back! All edged in thin pink bias tape.

I love it.

I have to tell you, I am not an amazing seamstress. I love to sew and have been sewing on and off since high school, but I am more creative than I am precise about these things. I do hope plan to become amazing, though. One of the cool things about sewing with my own line is that I want it to be perfect. I mean, my version of perfect, anyways! Perfect for me. Like, when I was making that apron, I used my seamripper. For maybe the first time ever. Honestly.  

As I was sewing the pillow I was chuckling to myself about how I was actually making the effort to center and line up prints and everything. 

Once I finished, I bounded down the stairs, pillow in hand.

"Hey honey, look at the pillow I made! I even lined up the prints and everything!"

He said, "Wow, you never do that!"

"I know!"

How about a few more shots of the prints themselves?

Kimono in shortbread (I think that's what we're calling it!):

Lace and Tendril in plum (with a side of Kimono):

All caught up in mint, Candy Dots ( I forget the color name!) :

On the right, Lace in cocoa:

A few details about Sugar Snap: The complete line is made from 7 designs in a total of 15 prints. The collection is available for stores to purchase now, and ships in early October.

From left to right, Candy Dots, Wallpaper (in plum?) and Tendril in sky:

Seriously, you better not be bored. You will make me cry if you are. I am all stressed out, too, so it's even easier than usual to make me cry . It's all Good Stuff, but I am not the most composed under pressure. Well, let's be honest: I'm not the most composed, ever!

And yes, I couldn't take it anymore. I cut my hair.

Actually, for the last couple of years, I have been wearing it even shorter than this! For the last few months, I was trying to grow it out. But then I remembered that I  hate it when it is any longer than an inch or so.

Do you like my hat?

xo, m