258: 362-YUMM


Ok, I'm ready to hurry up and finish my story so I can get back to my regular blogging! But just a tiny installment today, ok?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So. I arrived in Cleveland and waited for Anna's flight to come in. Yes, that's Anna Maria Horner. In real life she goes by just goes by Anna. Hugs, luggage claim and a 30 minute taxi ride and then we settled into the hotel room. Oh, the glamour of the Hampton Inn!

Super hungry but unable to stop gabbing, we hung out in the room for a couple of hours before  heading out to the Jamaican restaurant next door to the hotel. We were pleasantly surprised with our super yummy salmon tostada salads, but maybe that was the sangria and rumrunners taking effect. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(maybe I'll go back and grab all of the snippets and make one big post that includes everything about the tv show thing. But I'll have to , you know, actually finish telling the story before I can do so!)


Ok, now back to present day.

Shop stuff.

Did I tell you that we got a phone number for the shop last week?

362-YUMM! I always wanted a novelty phone number! We don't have a phone hooked up yet, but we will soon.

We have been busy setting up shop- receiving product, working out the layout, setting up displays.

I love the bath stuff display- it's still in progress, but I just love it so far:

Yep, claw foot tub with gorgeous rust. (Tetanus shot not included.)

And here is the bare-bones beginning of the kitchen-y section:

Yep, a vintage Norge! We actually used this as our fridge temporarily when we moved into this house a few years ago!

Soon it will be stocked with cute scrubbers and drool-worthy cookbooks, linen tea towels and fun gadgets. The door will be hung on another wall and used to display, of course, magnets!

We are getting in some gorgeous cards:

Above, on the right, that's an old loaf pan - isn't it beautiful? Why don't they still make them with those pretty patterns?

This is going to be so much fun. I have already had visits from out-of-state blog readers and we aren't even open yet!

I can't wait for you to come over.

xo, m