259: not Grand, but Soft

We opened this weekend!

No fanfare, no advertising, just quietly let people come in and shop. And they did! It wasn't huge or anything and we didn't want it to be. We are still figuring out the register for crying out loud! We don't even have our credit card machine- we had to write up slips to run this week when we get it.

Wow, we created a gift shop in 4 weeks! It really doesn't feel real at all yet.  I wish I could be there all the time, but I still have to work a regular job for another year or so, probably. So these are our  hours, to start:

Oh, rats.  I have to get ready for my job-job now. Here are just a few pictures of the displays shaping up:

Cards on an old door :

Originally, when I asked him to bring the door over, Stuart was like, " I don't get the door. Why do you want that old door in here?" 

I directed and he created the structure for the display. Now he gets it. 


The bath area, again:

Sea "wool" sponges and locally made soap:

More soap and handmade washcloths and wash mitts:

Eventually I will link to the people who make everything, but I am rushing right now!

Who doesn't love rubber duckies?

So, this weekend was our soft opening. The Grand opening will be Columbus Day Weekend.

Much more, soon.

xo, m