260: i see a brown couch and i want to paint it white


Thank you all so much for your Yummy Goods love!
I wish you could come here and  hang out!
There is a "living room" area in the shop where we could sit and chat when you come over.

One of the many befores and afters:

Well, this one is more like a "before and during" because it will change shortly. I am going to make a bunch of pillows to display on the couch.

That is my Sugar Scrap quilt top draped on the seat of the couch. Vintage afghans that I had my mom wash and soften.

Old bench acting as a coffee table for the Rex Ray stuff.

I love this old cabinet in the corner:

It used to live on our back porch and house some of our gardening stuff. In this picture it holds some gorgeous soy candles, but they were getting lost in there so I redid the display. Now that's where the yoga stuff lives. 

I am still working on the best way to display the candles so they are as highlighted as they deserve to be. I'll show you when I do, of course!

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I am prone to balancing things on my head. 

I might be a little silly.

This week, I have been working at my day job until about 3:30. Then I head over to Yummy Goods and put on my apron:

I stay open till 7. As long as the Village Store is open, people find their way in, so I try to keep the same hours. Last night, a woman came in, was looking around and said, "Finally, it's like a mini-Anthropologie on Cape Cod!"

That is a comparison that I will happily accept! I have never actually been to an Anthropologie, but I do like to use the catalog to catch my drool.



~Quilt Market is coming up! Who's going?!

~We are enjoying the new show Fringe.

~If you have the most recent issue of Quilter's Newsletter (November), grab it and turn to page 34!

~This week's shop music: Carla Bruni, Melody Gardot, Eilen Jewell, Michael Buble, Madelyn Peyroux.

xo, m