310: rusty the field trip

Hi there, sweet friends.

About a month ago  I went on a little trip off-Cape for a meeting and as a bonus I planned a meet up with fellow bloggers Mimi Kirchner and Tracey Lowenstein. They have each made appearances here at YummyGoods: I met Mimi last spring at the Boston Handmade Marketplace in Somerville and I posted about a lovely gift Tracey had sent me last year.

We met up at Mimi's house, where would love to spend hours photographing every little thing! After a yummy lunch out, Mimi took us on a field trip to a rusty fence that she said made her think of me every time she passed it! (I love that.)

All three of us whipping out our cameras sparked a brainwave in Tracey, "How about we all post our pics on our blogs and see how we each photograph the same thing!"

Off we went, each snapping away.

Love this one:

See how the tendrils of iron frame the crispy leaves and velvety moss? nummy.

You can see Mimi's pics at her blog Doll and Tracey's at her blog Paper Dolls For Boys.

Because they are backlit, these pictures don't really show how rusty the fence is- I mean you can see the texture, but it truly has a lot  of rust color as well.

Like this:

And across the street was this lovely little number:

Blogger meetups are fun.

A longtime reader of Yummy Goods (thank you, T!), Tracey really has a feel for what I love. Look at what she presented to me at Mimi's:

Yeah, baby! Another religious  statue to add to my collection!

Oh, Tracey. Thank you so so much.

Oooh, kind of some Joan Crawford eyebrows, there:

You know how I love taking the closeups.

I love my new statue so much! It's the tallest one in the collection. Funny, I just found the shortest one a couple of weeks ago:

For a dollar! Aw, yeah. Don't they look cute together?

This one, like some of my others,  has real fabric attached- so odd!

And I love that the metallic paint on the crown gets all verdigris:

Yum. Love these statues.

And love meeting up with blogger friends.


This week:

Workout music : Vampire Weekend and The Killers. (ha ha, funny names together!)

Can't stop listening to: Adele, especially her version of Make You Feel My Love. beautiful.

Working on: My next fabric line!