323: OMFG unicorns!

Got a little piece of mail the other day:

hmmmm... what's this? Who's it from?

U.Nicorn? Unicorn? Hmm....,

If you are on twitter, you know how if you mention something about, say, weight loss- you will immediately get spammy followers that have some kind of weight loss miracle pill or something. Turns out if you say 'zombies', zombies will follow you, too. I don't know what they are selling, maybe a perfume called Undead to mask the horrifying, you know, living dead smell?

After zombies started following me on twitter, I thought: hmm.... I wonder if I say 'unicorns', will unicorns follow me? So for the past, oh, I don't know, 6 weeks or so, I have been mentioning unicorns  a few times a week in hopes that a magical beast would start following me on twitter. 

Nope, no luck. Unicorns haven't started following me on twitter yet.

But I did get this mysterious letter in the mail (strangely, U. Nicorn used  my friend Ryan's address):



So, they don't follow me on twitter, but they follow me in real life. Which, you'd have to agree,  is even better.

I keep the note pinned to the lamp on my work table in the studio, which makes my chuckle every time I see it:

Hope you have a magical day.

Peace, love and unicorns to you. Forever.

xo, m