325: Shop Talk and The Benevolent Unicorn Posse


Is it really summer? Because it doesn't feel like summer.

I am ready for the heat, baby! Bring me the sun and fresh lemonade! Bring warm breezes and fireflies! (I did see some the other night!) Bring me bouquets of tiger lilies and baskets of tomatoes! Soon enough, I suppose. Ahhh, summer. I frigging love summer.


So, I am at the shop now 7 days a week. Yes, literally I am at the shop 7 days a week. So I am often a tired little monkey, but I do love it and it feels like home.

(recycled tray clocks made by my honey, Stuart)

I love that I get lots of visitors ---  the fun comes to me now since I don't have a flexible schedule anymore! Girlfriends stopping by to hang out in the studio, blog readers making their way to the shop even though I haven't clearly made a part of the blog to direct people! (Must remedy that!) Dad popping in from time to time, old friends from high school, aunts and uncles, friends of friends. I love having a fun, comfortable place where people can  visit, where I can make new friends share inspiration. I am loving my little shop.

I have ordered tons of awesome new stuff for the store! Last week, I got  in some  new handmade soaps (made with beer! awesome for guy gifts and yummy smelling!), adorable organic baby rattles and gift sets, and gorgeous soy candles.(pics soon)  Oh, man. This is so much fun.

(unbearably cute little lip glosses!)

Coming this week is a whole line of handbags, wallets, pouches etc made from Sugar Snap! The lovely (warning, music plays automatically on this link) Carissa Black makes them for me and she does a fabulous job. I cannot freaking wait to get them... should be tomorrow or Wednesday!

Also coming soon: wooden kids toys, adorable handmade silver jewelry with oms and peace signs on them,  canvas handbags and accessories with wicked cute animal prints.... hm, what else. A bunch more stuff which I will show you when it comes in. And I still have quite a few orders I need to place! yay!


Another little mysterious note from the benevolent unicorn posse:

Aw! And this time, I didn't recognize the address!

Oh. my. god. So cute and sweet!

Is it weird that I actually find this comforting? Probably.

After a few minutes of sleuthing, I did find out who sent it- a twitter contact. I just love that someone who doesn't know me took the time to make this and send it to me through the mail. It makes my heart flutter every time I look at it. It really does. What can I say, I'm easily amused.


Finally got a chance to hit a couple of yard sales the other day. As we got out of the car, I said to my honey, "I want a vintage baby stroller to diplay baby stuff at the shop."

I scored one for ten bucks at the second stop! Pictures to come.


And now for even more randomness:

-Been loving So You Think You Can Dance.

-Working on some new prints for yoga tops and pants

-I miss spending (literally) all weekend working in my garden like I have for several summers.

-I want some pie.


xo, melissa