335: wait, what?

Thanks for the Unicorn Love!!

Beth and I had a crazy amount of fun making our first installment of Unicorn Stories. The night we filmed, I kept saying to Beth, "This is a perfectly normal thing for two adult women to be doing on a Friday night, right?"

We have the storyline for the next episode already, now it's time to work out the visuals and get to filming. yay!

And no, I absolutely don't have time for this kind of thing, in case you are wondering.

But it's a way of blowing off steam and playing while I am here at the shop... and it's a necessity. I am so burnt out and am looking forward to Sunday, which will be my first day off in 2 months. I am planning on spending some time in the ocean. And laying around. Lots and lots of laying around.

So, let me just tell you something interesting about the star of Episode One:

I drew him two weeks ago. Just a five minute drawing in brown marker on scrap brown paper. I was all, "I don't know why a unicorn is swimming in the ocean, but there it is."

About 4 days later, a big ship ran aground in Woods Hole (on the Cape).  The ship's name? Unicorn. A unicorn in the ocean? Well, Beth and I had just been wondering what the first story would be for our series, and that about sealed the deal. It was a sign. So I quickly threw some color on Unicorn, and there he is. The star of the show.

That's all. Just thought you should know.


And for the record, I would totally tell you if you had seaweed on your horn.