370: Mary and the angels

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Okay, now that you are back, let's proceed with today's post.

A lovely Mary in the Key West Cemetery. Tropical Mary.

Our Lady of the Palms.

Is Key West tropical? Probably not, but they have palm trees and that is tropical  to a Cape Codder.

Look at that blue sky!


I miss the warmth of Key West. And the crepes.

Someday it will be summer here and I can't wait. I love the feeling of warm air on my bare arms. I don't like having to wear a million layers only to remain cold--- which always leads to cranky, for me.

Mmmm, thinking of summer reminds me of the yummy smells of privet hedges and tomato plants. Stuart thinks that privet smells like cat pee.

I am excited about getting the shop ready for the season. I'll be scouring catalogs shortly, looking for all the quirkiest, cutest and yummiest stuff I can find.

I was frustrated the other day and was tempted to sleep the day away in defeat. I did take a nap, but after an hour-long snooze, I got up and went over to Yummy Goods. The vibe has felt stagnant lately and I  have been wanting  to change it up to keep it fresh and fun. So with my stabby mood I went over there and worked on the place for several hours, listening to Jane Eyre: The Musical the whole time. Probably 6 times in a row, maybe more. What?

The shop is much cuter now and my mood improved, too. Yay, on both counts!

In other news, I sent my next fabric line in to my new company, Andover! Hopefully all will be in order to show on paper at spring Quilt Market and the fabric will be available in the fall. Fingers crossed!


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I have some awesome Key West rust and textures to show you later in the week.

Have you checked out the Bronte-Along Jane Eyre post lately? We have 35 bloggers in on the action so far! It's not too late to join the fun! And shortly we'll be moving on to Wuthering Heights. Just as soon as I can tear myself away from Rochester.