385: yarn london rhubarb

Sometimes my life doesn't feel like it could possibly be my life.

You know?

Look at that amazing shawlette that Beth gave me. Made with Sundara yarn, swoon. I have an amazing friend who gives me amazing hand-knitted shawls, mitts, socks, hats.

That's incredible enough, right?

But have you seen Beth's post about graduating from business school? Have you seen what she is doing to celebrate?

Dude, she is taking me to London.  

Like, real London.

British-accents-everywhere London.

We will celebrate her MBA and my book in London.

And maybe, you know, perhaps.... we'll be celebrating something else, too. I mean, who can say?

You never know with us, do you.

Whatever we celebrate, we will do it by eating scones and drinking pot after pot of Earl Grey tea. Together. In London!



A lot going on, huh?

Not only am I in oh-my-god-I-wrote-a-book mode, but I am in freakout preparation mode for Quilt Market, preparing-the-shop-for-the-season mode and now holy-heck-how-do-i-get-my-passport-renewed-asap mode.

I am vibrating with excitement. I've never been to England! I went to France and Germany when I was 13, but never England. You better believe I am now spending lots of time daydreaming about strolling through parks with the lovely Beth and oh, oh : There is an amazing Quilt exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum!


We had been hoping to get to England sometime in the next year to go to Haworth, where the Brontes lived. We won't be able to make that trip this time, as it is quite a ways from London. Guess we'll just have to go back.

We leave in about 3 weeks, just a week after we return from Quilt Market.  How much excitement can one girl handle? Apparently, I am going to find out!

This afternoon, after spending a lovely day together at my shop, Beth and I repaired to my front porch where we drank this amazing elixir called, get this--- Rhubarb Soda.

My friend Katie made this pink deliciousness for me from rhubarb I grew in my garden. It's a syrup that you add seltzer water to it gets all fizzy-like and  looks like this, :

And tastes like yum. Isn't it beautiful? I'll see if I can get the recipe for you.

I am just trying to take in all this goodness, all this love, all this yarn-y/London-y/rhubarb-y magic.

You know how I struggle (stupid brain!), but even in the midst of it, I know I'm lucky and that life is beautiful.

And I'm so glad you are here with me to share it.