393: spring quilt market 2010 saturday signing and omgcakeparty

I'll get back to the rest of the Wiley shindig, but here is Saturday, ok?

(photos by my darling Beth Dunn.)

Breakfast at the b+b with Beth and Violet...

Was that the morning there was Strawberry Rhubarb crisp in individual remekins? I can't recall....

Anyhoo, they were talking about how the expected there was going to be a line at the signing and I was all,

"You guys. QUIT IT. There is not going to be a line, ok?"

Dude, there was totally a line.

I couldn't believe it!

(Hey, look! there is PamKittyMorning and IzzynIvyJana on the right!)

Here is a cute pic of me and Jana just before the signing. Or was it after?

We decided we are twins:

And here's me meeting Quilt Dad:

Look at how cute he is:

I heart Quilt Dad. 

So I guess this signing was considered a success because there was an hour scheduled for it and all 50 books went in 20 minutes! It was super fun and exciting, I have to say.


Saturday afternoon:


You do have to say it like that, you know.

That green one was called Princess Cake and it was all sorts of amazing.

From Lizzy House, thrower of Cake Party:

I was asked several times, "why a cake party". That's kind of a ridiculous question. The better question is, "why aren't you having a cake party right now," or, "where is the cake?"

Or my question, "Why isn't every party called Cake Party??" 

Here is Lizzy handing out, what else, cake!


And me hiking up, what else, my strapless dress!

Cake Party was held this season to celebrate Lizzy's mom's book--- that is, City Quilts by Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts.

Congrats, Cherri! (and thanks for the yummy cake!)

Oh, look at that.

Did I get two pices of cake right off the bat?

You know I did.