408: omgLondon part 6 The V and A, sculptures

Back to London for a bit, y'all.

The fabulous, amazing, wonderful Victoria and Albert Museum. Known to all as The V and A. Sounds like the VNA but it's a whole other thing.

I have several posts on this place alone. We'll start with this hall of stone and marble sculptures, if that's cool with you.

Woe is she:

 Row upon row of marble busts:

I couldn't get over the detail. I mean, look at these crazy-ass eyebrows:

And this guy's curlicue hairdo:

 Someone chiseled those fine tresses from marble, yo. That is just craziness.

Some lovely waves and tendrils:

The eyes are creepy, but I love the little oak leaf ornamentation here:

Pretty hands:

I hate just drawing hands. I can't imagine sculpting them.

Beth and I were each walking around separately when I saw this guy:

Later, I was like, "And there was this one statue that had a 'Whatchu talkin' 'bout , Willis?' look on his face."

And she was like, " I know! I saw that guy!"

See what I mean?