412: omg my birthday

As you may recall, I turned 36 a few weeks ago.

As is usually the case, I didn't do much of anything.


I did come home to this note on the kitchen counter when I returned from my Bikram yoga class in the morning:

That's my honey's cute writing.

And this is what was waiting for me in the fridge:

Fresh fruit salad! Which I ate in one sitting, all four cups of it, from that measuring bowl.

Fruit salad is my standard birthday request. I frigging love fruit sald. Fruit salad, fruit salad, fruit salad.

So, that was pretty much the highlight. Yum! (thanks, babe.)

Also, my yoga class sang happy birthday to me, which was cute.

Beth and I  did get to celebrate our birthdays together a week or so ago during our Double Birthday celebration which consisted of several hours of BBC drama and eating my weight in cheese (Cheese Dinner, as we liked to call it) and jordan almonds. Go to that link to see the throw quilt I gave her that matches the bunny pillows and duvet cover I made  a while back.


A few days after my actual b-day, Beth gave me the present she made for me that she spent all of fourth of July weekend working on:

Look at those tiny stitches! On fancy-pants white muslin!

You may know Beth is all hot for whitework and drawn thread embroidery. Like, obsessed with it.

And this is her first project.

And then she gave it to me.


And not just 'omg'. Nope.


My very own whitework embroidery souvenir of our awesome trip to London!

But wait, it's not just embroidered.

No, because that would be too easy for Beth. The more complicated, ridiculously detailed and---let's face it---impressive something is, the more she loves it and wants to master it. Oh,  that Beth. What an overachiever.

Lucky for me, I am often the beneficiary of her madness.

Dude, she did this hem:

That, my fiends, is Beth's first foray into drawn-thread embroidery.

Those tiny little openings?

She counted the threads and pulled them out and drew others together with tiny stitches to make that shit happen.

The girl is crazy, yo.

Crazy awesome!


I'm so lucky.