419: ok so i'm a little freaky what of it

What have I been up to?

Just being my freaky little self. Making silly designs and putting them on tees and such.

Like this one.

Darcy vs. Rochester tee, mug, and bumper sticker:

Do you love Mr. Darcy? Or is it Edward Fairfax Rochester's brooding that gets the knickers in a twist? I think we all know where I stand on the debate.

It doesn't take much for me, apparently. A British accent, a stern look or witty comment, and a flouncy cravat. (Unless you are my honey and then all it takes is being him.)

Are you like me and Beth? Do you swoon over a #hotbritishguy in a cravat?

Omg, Cravats! mug

(You may recognize that girl from the header on Beth's blog.)

And for those of us who would take Rochester over Darcy any day of the week (or night, mmm):

 Team Bronte tee shirt

Oh, don't worry, Team Austen is in the works, too. Then we can play for both teams. :o)

And now for something completely random: Parsnips, The Vegetarian White Meat tee shirt:


What? These are the things I think up without trying. I know. I'm a bit odd. But I'm ok with it.

I was talking on twitter about my tees and Elizabeth from Late Bloomer Quilts said, "Now if only you created a guinea pig design, I would put you in my will!"

What was a girl to do? I was up for the challenge. After several failed attempts at drawing her (apparently famous) little Melvin, I took Elizabeth's advice,  "Just draw a twinkie and put little legs on it!"

And it totally worked!

Peace, Love, Guinea Pigs tee and mug

And a little less girly version

The moral of the story is: Be careful what you say on twitter, because I may actually take you up on your offhand request!

Another example: I was already planning a QuiltDad = Awesome tee, because he does, but was tweeted the suggestion for a Quilt Dad Is My Homeboy tee and 45 minutes later it existed:


What can I say? It's not like I don't have other things I should be doing, it's just that this is my fun. Stuart will be watching a ball game and I'll be there on my computer designing silly tee shirts. It also is great practice and helps keep my style loose and fun and "me" rather than trying to be too commercial and perfect-like. With this Zazzle stuff, I am just totally being myself and making things that I like and if others like them too, then yay!

In that spirit, here is one of my favorites to date. When I was working on this, Stuart looked over my shoulder and gave me the eyes as if to say, "Girl, you are WACKED."

Yup. True story.

OK So I'm a little freaky what of it tee and mug: