422: I miss you!

Hey you guys!  I am good--- don't worry! Just kind of feeling quiet lately. I miss you though, so I will be back with a check in soon.

But today I just wanted to pop in  and share an article about me  that was in a local paper today! It was written by the fabulous Susan Blood who blogs at Trout Towers and Opera Betty. Go and say hello!

You can read the article in the Barnstable Patriot here.

Also, some of my paintings are now up at the awesome local  boutique Shift (Conscious Clothing).  One of the owners is Amy DuFault, who blogs about sustainable fashion at ecosalon.com.

And, um, remember how I went to London? And saw that guy from Jane Eyre in a play? Well, I maybe kind of received a letter from him. Which I will blog next time.