40 steps, revisited

Hey, remember the forty steps that I told you about last spring?

Back in July, when my BFF Jennifer ( yes, we are grown women who refer to each other as BFFs!) took me there for my birthday to give me the most amazing gift, I took some pics to show you what the 40 steps looks like in real life. In case you missed it, this is a place very dear to my heart- in the tiny village of Craigville ( in the town of Barnstable) , on Cape Cod.

This is the view from a little ways down the path at the bottom of the steps. 


if you turned around, you would see this:


and now we walk toward the steps and get a bit closer...


and now looking down:


 Here is me (on the right) and my gorgeous and brainy BFF!


She is  incredible.

So sweet and generous. Loving, strong like you wouldn't believe, creative, gifted, clever, insightful. 

She's just the bee's knees. And the cat's pajamas. 

And did I mention gorgeous?