173: scratchy, painty, yogi

Hey, how about some pictures of something I actually made, not bought secondhand?
How would that be?

Here are 2  little works on canvasboard that I  painted last spring.


They now live in the kitchen.


I was going to say " these are a departure from my usual style" but really, everything I have done in the past number of years is a different from what I guess I still think of as 'my style'!


As I have mentioned before, I am in constant experiment-mode. 

Well, that scratching into paint ( as above)  is one technique I have been using for probably 15 years or more. So that has remained, I just now realized!


But the overall look of the paintings, the colors, the content even- still feels very new to me.


I really like these. There are actually a bunch more in this series, hmm, where are they? Probably in one of my stacks of paintings under piles of vintage fabric!


I apologize for the darkness of these pictures. What, did I take these in a freaking closet or something? 


Even with in my 'experiment-mode', these are unique for me because of the color palette. Sometimes I will just randomly choose a few tubes of paint and try to make something using only those colors. I find the limitation of not relying on my go-to colors  enhances my creativity and keeps me from boxing myself in.
Do you paint at all? 


I went to that yoga class yesterday. Oh, it felt so good to be back. My hamstrings are killing me! I need to not let it go for two weeks again! 

And in just a few minutes, I am leaving to go to another class. Yay! It's that kind of yoga I took for the first time a month ago. A friend who I went to that workshop with said, "You were grinning the entire time. You looked like you were finally home!"


 I don't want you to get bored with all my past fabric designs, so tonight  I thought I'd show you some drawings instead.

This one is from one of my visual journals. Maybe from 5 years ago, or so.  A self portrait. 


I had hair then.

It never ever looked as cute as it does in this drawing, which is why I keep my hair at an eighth to a quarter of an inch long.

Yes, really.

Yes, I do it myself.

I usually keep my antennas tucked in.

Here  are a couple of drawings from last winter. I was experimenting with new styles.


Gouache and ink on Bristol paper. 


I love that purple lady.  I love her dress and her hair.

I'd like to wear a dress like that.

107: works in progress

In the spring of 2007, I started a series of paintings inspired by my childhood. I went back to work on them a month ago ( or so ) and boy, are they changing!

Here is a detail of one: 


These two new elements are popping up: the cloud like puffy areas and the circles.


This started off mostly in the style of that green area above.

I am in constant experiment-mode.
I paint so differently now. I used to have a pretty recognizable and consistent style. Almost ten  years ago I decided to intentionally learn to work in new ways and leave my trusty, comfortable old style behind. Although it was  an identity crisis of sorts, it has really helped me grow into developing different styles and abilities. The downside of the upside is that it kind of holds me back from pursuing  illustration  or showing in galleries since everyone always says the first thing they look for is a consistent recognizable style and I am still deeply in experiment-mode! You'll see, as I show more artwork. It looks like it was all done by different people! Sometimes I'll do a series and I'll work on all of the pieces at the same time ( that's just how I like to work) which results in a certain  cohesiveness.But work done at different times, even only a week apart, will likely have a marked change in feel and technique. I suppose I could keep painting one of these styles, but I really love the constant growth of my style. I am trusting that eventually it will all gel into just the right look that combines all of it. I don't worry about it. I just sit down and see what appears on the canvas.


I could work on this in a couple of weeks and it may end up looking totally different. I think I took a picture of this before I worked on it recently. I'll have to see if I can find it to show you. (If I do, I'll update this post. )There used to be a van on the right where those circles are now.


Here is another from the same series. I did start to rework it, but not to the extent of the one above.

Some detail shots:  


Sorry for the blur.


Just so we're clear, these are works in progress! I am not exactly in love with what they look like right now, but I like where they are headed. Ok?


Hey, Krit, you recognize any of this? My sister Krissi reads the  blog. When I talk with her on the phone, if it has been more than a few days since my last post, she harasses me. I love it. I sound like I am being sarcastic, but I am totally serious.

inky, painty, muppety


Painting relaxes me. I love just messing around. I never have a plan.


Here, I'm just doodling with some india ink and a brush. And water.


And here are some gouache beginnings:


My beloved Muppets lunchbox and a painting in progress:



i got an itch

I have been itchin' to do some stitchin' lately. And itchin' to do some redecoratin'. And itchin' to do some more paintin'.

I have a ton of paintings that I started last spring. I want to get into my workroom and get messy with them! In regard to my creative space, I always love the sound of my studio but ,truthfully, I almost always call it My Workroom. 

This is a detail from my favorite one of my favorite paintings from this year.


So many things I am dying to work on! I just have one last push on a major project I have been working on, and then I am going to let loose!

Sorry for all the teases about my big secret project over the past few months. For a while I thought it was a go, then I thought I let it slip through my hands, and now it looks like it is really happening. I am going to get a final confirmation on Monday  and when I do there will be some shrieking and creme brulee and yes, I will tell you all about it. It still kind of doesn't feel real yet.

When I tell you, I think it will start to feel real. And I can hardly wait.  

home #1

home #1, originally uploaded by yummygoods.

One thing to know about me is that I am always longing for home. I don't mean  my family or my hometown ( I actually still live in my hometown) or anything from my past. I mean a feeling of home. Of family and comfort and belonging.  I have had glimpses of it before,  mostly borrowing it from other people. Someday I am going to  have that feeling for myself. I hope.

I don't mean to sound all sad all of a sudden! This longing is always there underneath and in between and layered on top of whatever is going on in my life. No matter what. 

Mostly, I just wanted to post this painting because I thought it would look awesome with my new pink page borders. For real, yo.

works in progress

paintings in progress.JPG

 Look at all those paintings!! I like to work on a lot of pieces at once. When I paint, I sit on the floor in the studio- in my painty clothes - surrounded in all directions by boards, canvases, paint, brushes, cats.  I paint for hours at a time and stop only when I have to. I need to have a couple of those intensive days to finish up this series!
I will post as I finish them.


40 steps

40 steps.JPG

"Forty Steps" is  a  painting in a series called 'Cranberry Road.' This new batch of work is inspired by my childhood- places, memories, patterns, possessions.  The 40 steps, as it is known, is  kind of a gazebo on a hill which overlooks Craigville Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  There are forty steps (but you probably guessed that already) leading down the hill to a tight little dirt path that opens to Craigville Beach Road.  When I was a young girl,  I used to love to walk there from my house. I carved my name into the wood. I sat and looked at the ocean. It was probably my favorite place to go.

The perspective of the painting is from the path looking up. I tried to find a photo to show you, but the only one I could find was from the opposite direction.   I'll have to head over there ( I still live  in the same town) and take a picture. I'll see if I can find my name in the wood.

yummy goods on etsy!



I have finally gotten myself to sign up for etsy and list some items!! It has been really fun. I can't wait to get a bunch of stuff made so I can represent all of my different interests. For  this week I am focusing on paintings.The photos are from the  "Bell Flowers" series that I have been feverishly working on!


I think next week I'll get some paper goods finished: cards and  prints .  I have a bunch of jewelry supplies ready, but I need to purchase some sterling silver wire and findings, so I'll have to hold off on that for a few weeks.

I love etsy!