198: QM final installment, Saturday afternoon and night

Saturday afternoon:

Over the past few months, Sandi Henderson and I have emailed and chatted on the telephone a bit, so I was really looking forward to meeting her in person. She is a great girl.


Her booth, built by her sweet husband Dustin, was beautiful, as were her fabrics for Michael Miller.


Love this bench:



Sandi won second place for Most Creative double booth!  

Wow, huh?

And now some random bits that I am too tired to string together into a cohesive storyline. You like me for my honesty, right? 

...In the lobby, Gina from Quilter's Buzz and I recognized each other immediately! Did you guys see that post on Sugar Snap a couple of weeks ago? (ok, we actually saw each other for the first time on Thursday but I'm putting it in the Saturday post. Ok?)

...Back in the Westminster booth, check out  this quilt featuring Buddha Party fabric by Terrie Mangat.


...Denyse Schmidt and her assistant  Lilli were at market for just the first couple of days .  I just love her new home decor weight "cheater cloth", seen here on the left:


A few DS products (including a Steve): 


I was hanging out at one of the sales tables with Jeff P., when quilt artist Susan Brubaker Knapp stopped by. That link takes you to a  picture of me that I actually like (you have to scroll a bit to get to it.) Susan had just found out that one of her quilts will be in the Quilting Arts Magazine Calendar! Woo hoo!

ooh, that was a perfect segue and I didn't even have to try:
Pokey Bolton- the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine and Cloth Paper Scissors - and I were equally excited to meet each other! What a cute bundle of energy she is! I look forward to working with her on some future projects.

Saturday late afternoon, market winding down...My last night in Portland. 6 am shuttle to the airport.
I look at Jeff P. and say, "Take me out to dinner."
Jeff P. looks at me and says, "Come with me to a vendor appreciation party at Fabric Depot." 

Leaving the convention center, Jeff P. and I walked and talked with Heather Bailey , her friend Beth from epbdolls, and Maureen (Mo), Heather's sister-in-law, who I just fell in love with immediately.

At the party, I got a chance to connect some more with Patty Young, Paula Prass and Caroline Devoy, all of whom I first met at the Fabric 2.0 gathering I mentioned a few posts ago.
Mark Lipinski was there, but I didn't get a chance to talk with him. Next time.

Jeff P. and I headed out, trying to figure out where to go for dinner when Heather  called and invited us to meet her, Mo, Anna Maria , Jeff H. and others for dinner at that place we got lost trying to find. Only this time they were there already and could give us the exact name and location. NostraNa, not NostraDa - as it turns out. 

Yummy dinner and conversation. Seated next to Mo, I was so happy to get a chance to hang out with her some more! Gorgeous , funny, down-to-earth , very sweet. Love that girl. 

To end the evening ,  a trip to Pix for dessert. Cool, cool dessert place with a garage door fully open allowing in the unseasonably warm night air.
Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you're watching yourself in a movie? Sitting there... eating dessert...looking at  red lanterns stirring with the wind...overhearing the conversations taking place at our cluster of little tables pushed together ,  I felt like that.
It was a  really good movie. 


197: QM some of saturday

Ok, trying to finish up my market recap here...
Friday night... Hmmmm, hmmm, ok... Tai chi guy, lost in a van.... ok ok. (If you are just joining us, take a look at the previous post to find out what the hell I am talking about!)

So  we decided to go somewhere else for dinner, since we couldn't find the place we were looking for. I'll spare you the details  except to say that though we didn't officially vote on it, I am quite sure I won for "Most Embarrassing First Concert." If you can guess what it was, I will send you a prize.
Here, I will even give you some hints: It was 1986 and the concert venue was small.  Have at it.

More hanging out in the Westminster block. Got a chance to sit down have a great chat with the lovely  (and surprisingly glamorous and funny!) Heather Ross. Her new line is just awesome. I want to eat it.


Dammit. Now that I am trying to speed through this to finish up, I feel like I am just name dropping! But I just don't have the energy to write it all out in story form! Forgive me.

Joel Dewberry was just lovely , as was his booth: 


Those frames display  line drawings of his new quilt patterns.  

I loved the 3-d butterflies in his booth:


It is so odd to me that many of these designers are about the same age as me, 33. I try not to compare myself, but I do feel so behind everyone! During the years that everyone else was going to college and following that with building their careers, I was just trying to scrape myself up off the floor and learn how to live in the world. I am just happy that  I'm here now. There is plenty of time to do what I want to do. (Right?)

Tina Givens was just adorable. And yes, elfin! She even had 2  pairs of the cutest elfy shoes! And her booth, well, take a look:


So crisp and professional. Wow.



A shot of the quilt made with her new line: 


Do you see what I see on the lower left there? 


Bees! Amazing awesome bee fabric! I want a dress made out of that fabric.

I know you are waiting for me to show Heather Bailey's new line, but guess what? This is the only shot I have! 

I'm sorry! She didn't have a booth, and it didn't occur to me to take pictures of the swatches. It is ,of course, amazing - as you can see in the little dress there at the bottom. The quilt was put together by Heather and her mom in a ridiculously tiny amount of time- and it was beautiful. 

Jennifer Paganelli was so sweet. We had a bunch of mini chats and she was so down-to-earth and easy to talk with.  Look at these awesome quilts made with her fabrics:


I love that tunic! I went to the fabric store last night looking for a tunic pattern, anyone have any suggestions?

More people I kept bumping into:
The lovely Michelle Freedman and Violet Craft (of Kung Fu Bambini). Yes, that is Violet's  real name, she married into it. Isn't that just the coolest? ( not that Freedman isn't cool, Michelle, but you know what I mean.)

Ok, I'm sure you are sick of hearing about it, but I will be back later with the wrap-up of Saturday and Saturday night.  Sorry to end so abruptly, but it is Memorial Day Weekend on Cape Cod, and to me that means  estate sales!

Bye for now.

xo, m 

196: qm friday up till tai chi.

I had better hurry up and finish my market report before I forget stuff!

(the links take you right to people's Market posts if they have them)

Let's see, Friday... 

First I had a little meet-up planned with Amy Schimler of Red Fish Circle. She is so cute! Is it weird for me to say that and follow it by saying that I think we look alike? We really do have similar features. Plus she has great style. So we have that in common. Ahem.

 After having emailed back and forth over the last few months, it was awesome to finally meet Amy in person. I love her work and she just was a really warm and engaging person. She is so cool. And isn't her fabric just  great?

While I was standing there in the lobby chatting with Amy and her husband Charlie, I had the bonus of meeting the adorable Lizzie House and her mom Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts, and  Julie and Eric Comstock of CosmoCricket . I know I keep saying that everyone was wonderful and lovely, but they just really were! I am so grateful that I found my way into this business - the people are amazing.

Some quilts from Kaffe's booth:


Most of Friday I just walked the show on my own, checking out the other fabric companies, pattern-makers and publishers. Over the course of the day, I kept bumping into and chatting with some wonderful women of the ebay boutique world that I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit, thanks to new designer for Michael Miller, Patty Young of modkid . (wow, that was a long sentence.)

Many of them were at the fabric 2.0 party the night before, so seeing them repeatedly around the place gave us more of an opportunity to connect. Check out these ladies I met:  Eva from Fresh and Vintage, Jona from Fabritopia, Chelsea from Vintage Chic Boutique, Myrinda from Fabric Hound, and Jen from Fabric Bliss who had her adorable and sweet husband Michael with  her.  ( I will add to this list as I remember everyone! Please forgive me!)

Another group I kept seeing was Daria from Boutique Cafe  along with her assistants Megan from Brassy Apple  and Amelia from Intimate Photography (that last link takes you to some of the best Amy Butler photos I've seen.) They were telling me a bit about some of the interviews they still had left to do when Patty said, "You haven't interviewed Melissa yet!"  I swear if we were on a sitcom the girls would have elbowed Patty in the ribs. (Laugh track)

Details of Tanya Whelan's booth:


Isn't that just so beautiful?


I visited her booth a lot.
Exhausted and still sick, I just wanted to curl up on this bed of pillows! 


After the show, Jeff P. ( I will now call the Sales Manager Jeff P. to differentiate him from Jeff H., Anna's husband!) and I  wanted to go to Bolt for the meet and greet with Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt which was from 5-7 pm. By the time we ( Leann was with us , too) finally arrived though,  it was exactly 7! Heather and Denyse were still around with  a good handful of people , including Heather Bailey, Anna Maria and Jeff H.

I perused the fabric boutique and selected some Kokka - yum!
I didn't learn till the next day that Heather R. designs for them in addition to Westminster! ( Thanks Lizzie! )

I just could not resist this print:


or this one:


At the  cutting counter, I had the pleasure of meeting Leisl of Oliver and S, along with the adorable elfin Megan and Leisl's mom. Such sweet people. Wow.

Having barely eaten a thing all day, Jeff P., Leann and I decided to head out to dinner and Anna, Jeff H., and Heather B. joined us. Turns out that GPS works great when you have the correct name of the restaurant. Not so much when you are just a letter off. So there I was being driven around in the back of a rented caravan with Leann, Anna and her husband in the next row, Jeff P. driving and Heather B. riding shotgun. Eventually, we pulled over in the residential area that so clearly was not where we were going to find the restaurant we were looking for. (that was a bad sentence, but I am too tired to fix it. These posts take a wicked long time.)

I was sitting there looking out the window at a basketball court where a man was practicing tai chi. I said it out loud, "I am in this city alone, lost in this van with all of these people that I just met, watching this guy practice tai chi." 

Jeff H. said, "I know, isn't it great?" (or something  to that effect)

Smiling, I said, "Yeah. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."
xo, m

195: QM Thursday - day and night

More Market report.
Thursday lunchtime till bedtime:

I had emailed Amy Butler to introduce myself shortly before Market. She was just a doll, telling me she'd keep on the lookout for me and not to be nervous, that everyone was so welcoming.

Around lunchtime on Thursday, I was sitting with Sarah and Leann from the Westminster office, and  in the next aisle over I saw Amy walking toward her booth with her husband. She had already passed us but turned back for just a second and  I shyly waved, not quite sure if she was even looking at me. She stopped immediately and turned  around, "Is that you, Miss Melissa? Miss Yummy Goods?" I got up to meet her halfway where she gave me a big hug and introduced me to David. What a sweetheart. So warm and generous.


Amy went  out of her way to make me feel comfortable and cared for. Each time I saw her, she would ask me if I was feeling any better and tell me I looked great.


Amy's office manager Diane was just lovely and friendly as well, inviting me to return to the booth and keep her company when Amy had other engagements.


I went to Amy's Schoolhouse - standing room only! (A Schoolhouse is a 15 minute show and tell, essentially.) I also attended presentations  by Erin McMorris, Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner.  It is kind of hard to believe that I will be doing a Schoolhouse at the Fall Market!

At 5:00 it was time for Fabric 2.0 - a bloggers party, which you can read about ( and see pictures of) at JCaroline Creative. I grabbed a cab from the convention center with Sandi Henderson and Shawn and Masha (Marsha?) from Michael Miller Fabrics. After mingling, posing for pictures and eating appetizers at Oba, I caught a ride with Heather B. back to our hotel for the Westminster party at 7.

( Just so you know, I was thinking about adding a new blog category called Name Drop Soup just to tag these Market posts. )

One of the most surprising and wonderful things about my experience at Market was getting to know my new friend Jeff, the Sales Manager for Westminster Fibers.   We had some great phone chats back in the fall, so I was looking forward to meeting him in person. I had talked with him a  few times earlier in the day, but sitting together at the party allowed us some time to really talk and we became fast friends.

About mid-evening,  Jeff invited each of the designers with new collections to come to the front of the banquet room and talk about the inspiration for their new lines. This was such a treat! I kept looking around the room: Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt...Tanya Whelan, Jennifer Paganelli,Valori Wells, Erin McMorris...... Anna Maria, Heather Bailey, Tina Givens, .... Joel Dewberry, Donna DewberryVerna Mosquera, Heather Ross... and... me? Actually, the weirdest thing about it was that it hardly felt weird at all. But maybe that's just because I was so sick; I didn't have enough energy to be nervous with!

After listening to the wonderful stories behind the new fabric lines, Jeff and I grabbed some of the yummy food and sat down for more talking until it was time for me to head off to bed, exhausted but happy.

More booth photos and tales of dinners and parties next time!

xo, m

194: QM Thursday morning.

Ok, it is a little overwhelming to really try to recap my trip. I will probably end up bouncing around, but I gotta just jump in.

I was seated next to a fun and stylish woman on the flight to Portland - turns out she was headed to QM, too. Janet is a stylist for Quilting Treasures. We had a great time talking for the entire 7 plus hours we were on the plane together! Also seated next to me was this lovely older woman. She said she had tried quilting (patchwork) but she couldn't get all of her seams to match up. Her friend who was teaching her ripped out all the seams to re-stitch them together! The woman was so disheartened, as she had really enjoyed it but felt that she hadn't done it "right!" I told her that I never match up my seams that that I like it better that way. I suggested she give it another try and see if she could let go of the need to have it be perfect and just do it for the pleasure of working with her hands. Relieved and excited, she vowed  to try it again! What a sweet lady. I hope she does get her hands on some fabric soon.

I was so happy to get out of the plane and into the Portland air, which was downright balmy at 10pm! Just a  short hotel shuttle and I was unpacking in my room. The next morning, Thursday, I walked the couple of blocks  to the convention center. I had on my new trouser-y jeans (which I hemmed for heel height), my new eggplant suede Danskos  and  a  pretty new dress.  Makeup on, hair all messy and bedheaded - in a good way. And man, was I sick. Head foggy, nose stuffy, throat hurt-y. Yuck.

Got to the  place, got my name tag  and waited in line at the Starbucks for a venti soy latte, which I did each morning after.  Made my way into the main space where the first booth I saw was Westminster's, which was more like a block of booths! A neighborhood. And it did feel that way. Lots of energy, people unpacking shipping crates, quilts everywhere. I sought out the office people that I have spoken with and emailed for the last year, finally able to meet them face to face!

Next, I walked around the  block and found Anna Maria setting up her gorgeous booth with her gorgeous husband. Seriously, this couple is just  beautiful. I told them so, and Jeff ( Anna's husband) said "We never hear that. Our kids never tell us that!" I really enjoyed talking with Jeff - he is a very welcoming and friendly fella who is  interested in getting to know other people.

Ok, fine. I'll start showing you the pictures of Anna's award-winning booth!  I am pretty sure she won for Most Creative Double Booth.


Anna was just as adorable as you would imagine. Pretty as hell, funnier than I expected and all that talent. Wow, she is a force of nature. I spent quite a bit of time with her that first morning, hanging out on the floor of the booth as she finished  some stitching on that quilt hanging up on the right.

One of Anna's new fabrics behind a row of her finished needlepoint pillows (manufactured by Peking Handicraft): 


I want a dress like this in my size, chicken sash especially:


The famous chairs and a giant cover of Anna's forthcoming book:


Painting by Anna:


Garden Party:



I know, you want o see pictures of Anna and Jeff. I'm sorry! I  hardly took any pictures of people! 

Ok, next up: Schoolhouse and Amy Butler. 

xo, m

192: home from the city of roses

Ahhhh.....It feels so good to be home.  I arrived home from Quilt Market last night.

Remember how before I left I was fighting a bad sore throat? Well, it didn't get any better in time for the trip and of course travelling from Cape Cod to Oregon didn't help! I had a miserable cold  the whole time.  So when you see pictures of me out in blogland, just remember that I was a sick puppy.

I jumped right back into a full workweek at my day job today, so I am still in  need of resting up.  I'll just start off my market report with some simple shots of things that made me smile every day as I was walking from the hotel to the Oregon Convention Center.

 I was enchanted by this house with its giant rhododendron:


I don't love the foliage of rhododendrons, as you may recall, but I do love when they are in bloom.

Look at those crazy giant clusters! I just marveled at it every morning.

This is the little garage that goes with the house:


I don't know what kind of tree that is behind it, do you? It was huge!
The whether was unusually wonderful for Portland! It was so warm.  And sunny! What a treat that was.

Some mossy shadowy stairs that I loved: 


Ok, ok.  A couple of shots of the show:


In the fall, my name will be on one of those banners!

The Westminster Fibers booth is huge.


It includes tons of sales tables and is backed by (and somewhat faced with) the individual booths of many of the Rowan/Free Spirit Designers. (I have a bunch of pictures of those to show you later.)


Next time I will show a bunch of booth pictures. I hope you won't be too disappointed that I didn't get many shots of the designers.  When we were all together we were too busy socializing!

It was fun getting a chance to meet everyone and see how the whole trade show thing works. Of course, I would have preferred to be healthy for it. Next time I will shop for cute outfits well in advance so I don't get so run-down right before the show!

More to come.