264: yummy goods' greatest hits?


I had said that Columbus Day weekend would be our Grand Opening, but it's not! We will be open, of course, but not with any Grand plans. You should come over anyway.

We may do it the following weekend, which would coincide with the Cranberry Express, an autumn event right at the train station next door to the shop.

To tell you the truth, I don't really feel up for planning anything more than I am already working on! 

Oh, except I have had this in mind:

Since it will be a while before I can get my shop online, (and I am getting so many requests!) I think I'll put together some Yummy Gift Bags that you could purchase. How about that? 

 Like maybe  $50, $75 and $100 bundles of Yummy Goodness, including one of the gorgeous candles, soap, lip balm, etc.

I would put together basic sets, and then we could talk or email and I can let you know which flavors are available. How about that? I don't have any idea if anyone would take me up on this, but if I get a good response, I will put that together asap. Ok?

I wish you could just come over and hang out with me at the shop, but if you can't, you can still have a Yummy experience from a distance.

We just couldn't resist that doormat.

xo, m

263: it's not food, but it is yummy

Did you know that I think about you all the time? I am always thinking about what I want to photograph to show you, links I want to share, what you might find interesting or inspiring.

I haven't been posting as much as usual, though, because I am pretty much consumed with my shop and I don't want you to get bored if that's all I post about! But again, I really should just post it all anyways to record the progress for myself.Creating Yummy Goods, the shop, is really just another creative outlet.  

Here, look at some of the goodies I have found.

Amazing soy candles in reusable glasses:

And they smell as good as they look!

Unique and luscious weekly planner (and cute sticky notes):

There are so many fun things about running my own shop. One  of them is sourcing unexpected and soul-stirring products.

Like these perfect Halloween cards:

I am not looking to just create a gift shop. I want to create an experience.  I want the senses to be stimulated and surprised. I want people to exclaim and shriek and linger. And I am so happy that they do!

People often come in looking for food- the name Yummy Goods is a little confusing, I admit.

I like to tell them it's Food For The Spirit!

Talk to me. I miss you.

xo, m

261: rainy sunday

Can you believe it's really fall?

This little pile of gorgeousness is on the front porch at the Village Store:

Lucky for me, that means it's on the front porch of Yummy Goods, too!

Fall. >sigh<

I hardly had a summer. I love summer - I crave the heat. I'm such a coldie.

I do love fall though. And pumpkins.

And Trader Joe's hot chocolate made with soymilk, oh yum. Got some the other night, along with their new vanilla marshmallows. They are square and cute, so of course I had to have them. 

I hate to admit it, but I do watch a fair amount of television and I am  psyched for the new season. Heroes, The Office, Scrubs, and Pushing Daisies- especially!


How about some more pictures of the shop? Is that ok?

This week's incarnation of The Living Room:

Today was very quiet at the shop (rainy day) so I was especially happy that we have a cozy place to sit! I hope people don't feel weird when they come in and see me hanging out on the couch. I would like it, as a customer. I don't like people staring me down from the register, know what I mean?  

Cute stuff at the counter:

Yep, scrabble tile pendants! Everyone loves them.

Adorable change purses, The Best Candles Ever and handmade yummy lip balm.

We started working on the lighting today. I want it to be warm and cozy, like a living room. I put in a bunch of lamps and white Christmas lights. We are trying out fabric over the (very office-y) ceiling lighting. It definitely warms it up, but now we need to compensate for the loss of light. We'll get there. It's a work in progress. On sunny days, we do get a lot of natural light, which is lovely. 

In other news, Sugar Snap ships to stores in a couple of weeks! yay!

xo, m

260: i see a brown couch and i want to paint it white


Thank you all so much for your Yummy Goods love!
I wish you could come here and  hang out!
There is a "living room" area in the shop where we could sit and chat when you come over.

One of the many befores and afters:

Well, this one is more like a "before and during" because it will change shortly. I am going to make a bunch of pillows to display on the couch.

That is my Sugar Scrap quilt top draped on the seat of the couch. Vintage afghans that I had my mom wash and soften.

Old bench acting as a coffee table for the Rex Ray stuff.

I love this old cabinet in the corner:

It used to live on our back porch and house some of our gardening stuff. In this picture it holds some gorgeous soy candles, but they were getting lost in there so I redid the display. Now that's where the yoga stuff lives. 

I am still working on the best way to display the candles so they are as highlighted as they deserve to be. I'll show you when I do, of course!

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I am prone to balancing things on my head. 

I might be a little silly.

This week, I have been working at my day job until about 3:30. Then I head over to Yummy Goods and put on my apron:

I stay open till 7. As long as the Village Store is open, people find their way in, so I try to keep the same hours. Last night, a woman came in, was looking around and said, "Finally, it's like a mini-Anthropologie on Cape Cod!"

That is a comparison that I will happily accept! I have never actually been to an Anthropologie, but I do like to use the catalog to catch my drool.



~Quilt Market is coming up! Who's going?!

~We are enjoying the new show Fringe.

~If you have the most recent issue of Quilter's Newsletter (November), grab it and turn to page 34!

~This week's shop music: Carla Bruni, Melody Gardot, Eilen Jewell, Michael Buble, Madelyn Peyroux.

xo, m

259: not Grand, but Soft

We opened this weekend!

No fanfare, no advertising, just quietly let people come in and shop. And they did! It wasn't huge or anything and we didn't want it to be. We are still figuring out the register for crying out loud! We don't even have our credit card machine- we had to write up slips to run this week when we get it.

Wow, we created a gift shop in 4 weeks! It really doesn't feel real at all yet.  I wish I could be there all the time, but I still have to work a regular job for another year or so, probably. So these are our  hours, to start:

Oh, rats.  I have to get ready for my job-job now. Here are just a few pictures of the displays shaping up:

Cards on an old door :

Originally, when I asked him to bring the door over, Stuart was like, " I don't get the door. Why do you want that old door in here?" 

I directed and he created the structure for the display. Now he gets it. 


The bath area, again:

Sea "wool" sponges and locally made soap:

More soap and handmade washcloths and wash mitts:

Eventually I will link to the people who make everything, but I am rushing right now!

Who doesn't love rubber duckies?

So, this weekend was our soft opening. The Grand opening will be Columbus Day Weekend.

Much more, soon.

xo, m

258: 362-YUMM


Ok, I'm ready to hurry up and finish my story so I can get back to my regular blogging! But just a tiny installment today, ok?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So. I arrived in Cleveland and waited for Anna's flight to come in. Yes, that's Anna Maria Horner. In real life she goes by just goes by Anna. Hugs, luggage claim and a 30 minute taxi ride and then we settled into the hotel room. Oh, the glamour of the Hampton Inn!

Super hungry but unable to stop gabbing, we hung out in the room for a couple of hours before  heading out to the Jamaican restaurant next door to the hotel. We were pleasantly surprised with our super yummy salmon tostada salads, but maybe that was the sangria and rumrunners taking effect. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(maybe I'll go back and grab all of the snippets and make one big post that includes everything about the tv show thing. But I'll have to , you know, actually finish telling the story before I can do so!)


Ok, now back to present day.

Shop stuff.

Did I tell you that we got a phone number for the shop last week?

362-YUMM! I always wanted a novelty phone number! We don't have a phone hooked up yet, but we will soon.

We have been busy setting up shop- receiving product, working out the layout, setting up displays.

I love the bath stuff display- it's still in progress, but I just love it so far:

Yep, claw foot tub with gorgeous rust. (Tetanus shot not included.)

And here is the bare-bones beginning of the kitchen-y section:

Yep, a vintage Norge! We actually used this as our fridge temporarily when we moved into this house a few years ago!

Soon it will be stocked with cute scrubbers and drool-worthy cookbooks, linen tea towels and fun gadgets. The door will be hung on another wall and used to display, of course, magnets!

We are getting in some gorgeous cards:

Above, on the right, that's an old loaf pan - isn't it beautiful? Why don't they still make them with those pretty patterns?

This is going to be so much fun. I have already had visits from out-of-state blog readers and we aren't even open yet!

I can't wait for you to come over.

xo, m


254: sugar scrap

Oh, you guys.

Thank you for being so wonderful, as you always are.

Your comments make me smile and laugh, feel comforted and valued.

Thank you. You are awesome.

One person commented that they feel like they are a part of my life by reading my blog and I really love that. I feel like you are, too. I know it's just a blog and everything, but it feels more like I have a bunch of pen pals that I write to all at once. And it's the interaction with you - the comments, emails back and forth - that makes this so much fun. You are my community and I thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have to say, whether I am being silly and lighthearted or introspective and heavy-hearted.

Oh, also,  thank you for not pissing me off. 


(On the blog anyways.)

Remember how I was all freaking out about my project fore the tv thing? Well then along came Yummy Goods: The Shop and , uh, I kinda blew it off  put it on the back burner.

Yesterday I set up an impromptu sewing studio in the back of the shop and worked on some stuff all day.

Today, thank god, I have the fabulous Jess (that crafty starlet) from Juicy Bits coming over to help.  The actual project part isn't that much work, it just makes me nervous about the show so I keep putting it off.  Yeah, I kinda just want someone to come over and hold my hand. Know what I mean?

I have been working on a Sugar Snap Scrappy Quilt to decorate the set with. And that I can show you because it's not the project itself, yay!

It got much scrappier after I took this shot. I'll take more today for you, ok?

Oh, look at this:

My pal Karen from Tumbleweeds (my local quilt shop) made me one of her awesome pincushions out of Sugar Snap!

It is just the coolest thing ever to see someone else make something with my fabric! I can't wait for it to be out in stores so I can see what you do with it. You are going to blow my mind!

Oh, hey, are you extra-special-coo-coo like me? I can't throw any of this stuff away:

xo, m

252: ramblings from the oatmeal brain

Wow, you guys! Thank you so much for all of the well wishes on our new adventure.

I can't wait to fill up this shop with yummy goods and invite you all over to hang out! It is going to be so awesome and fun!

Oh my god oh my god I have so much to do. Trying to focus on one thing at a time.

Like getting the sign ready.

Just a simple sign to fit with the others on the building. Black background with white letters. We are in a historical preservation type area, so we can't go having any pink and orange signs. We'll save the pink for the inside. 

I just love that it's in the same building as this cool old general store! Just look at this newspaper rack:

Did I tell you that the back of the shop will be my studio? My brain is oatmeal with all that is going on right now, so forgive me if I repeat myself.

We haven't gotten in to paint or anything yet, so this is definitely a "before" shot. (But the floors!  Perfection.) The area from the posts back will be the studio:

I am so excited to set up a pretty workspace! It's not a huge area, but large enough for some tables for sewing and shelves piled with luscious fabric.

Enough room for a handful of people to take intimate classes and workshops. Enough room for winter knitting circle to hang out and drink tea. Enough room for a small Valentine-Making-Party.

Wanna come over? You should move to Cape Cod and come over.  You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. 

I tend to get kind of isolated. Most of my close friends live off-Cape and the rest live far enough away on the Cape that we rarely see each other. This blog is probably the bulk of any socializing I do! Is that sad? That might be sad.  Does blogging count as a social life? Well, anyways. My point was that now with the shop, I will have an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I want you to come visit, ok?

You know that saying "a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet?" Well it's even more true that a blog reader is just a friend I haven't met yet. Yes, I am a total sap, but it's true, yo!

Please keep telling me about any artisans and etsy-folk  you like, especially if you know that they sell wholesale. I am thrilled to have the chance to support some talented and creative people.

xo, m


251: Yummy Goods!

Yep, we are opening a brick-and-mortar Yummy Goods!

From the front yard:

Yes, really! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

Today is the West Barnstable Village Festival, so we wanted to do something in the windows of the shop to let the community know that we are coming. Yummy Goods will be in the same building as the Old Village Store, so it's a pretty high-profile location. 

Well, high-profile for West Barnstable, anyways! Ha!

Last night, Stuart, the kids and I spent a few hours over there making some little vignettes and signs.

This is a shot from the front steps of the shop (oh my god, the Shop!!)- the  girls walking over (!!) with some bouquets:

On the left side, beyond the telephone pole, that's our mailbox. That's how close we live! 

I sketched out some signs:

and Meredith and Camille  painted them in:

Stuart and Zach hung up the curtains for me:

And I mostly primped and posed the stuff in the windows:

Of course, we don't have any product yet, so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff I had at home to create a display of the "feel" of the shop. 

And I might be coo-coo to do this, but I invited the community to stop by the blog and watch it  unfold:

We are learning as we go, totally winging it. And having a blast!

(do you see that, behind the brooch? A yo-yo made with my own fabric!)

Wish us luck!

xo, m