creative bazaar goodies: artsy mama!

Ok, kids. Here it is: the final installment of my Creative Bazaar Goodies!

What a pleasure it was to meet up with Kari Ramstrom: The Artsy Mama!  Kari and a chatted about blogging and our love of libraries. She is such a doll.

Her display table was heaped with  halloween and vintage inspired goodies.

Look at this Yummy Halloweenie Eye Candy:


It's an envelope with a cutout and lining. I love it. I also fell in love with her fall vintage wallpaper banner/pennants.
I had a hard time deciding which of her ribbons I wanted. In the end I chose this one:


I love the little birdie and the jewelry piece! And the colors are awesome- the rust ball fringe is the best!

Kari made these from her own (and her sister's) swimming ribbons!


As always, I was walking around my yard finding ways to photograph my goodies, when my yard sale bird house caught my eye:


I love how this looks! Like the birdhouse resident won a decorating contest or something!
Don't worry, I wouldn't leave this ribbon outside. It looks so awesome in my pink bathroom.

(by the way, do you want to come over and paint my house? It sure could use it. As if you didn't notice.)