166: guaranteed pure


I found  this can at an estate sale. It was in the garage, filled with miscellaneous  hardware - nothing great - so I emptied it and added it to my pile.


Tee hee:


Some more golden things: 


I don't know if those are bakelite knife handles or not. I don't really know about collectibles, I just buy what I like if it's cheap enough. These knives were fifty cents each.That was cheap enough. 

I do have a collection of these beehive honey pots. I'll have to dig those out and display them together in the kitchen, now that it's done.

And I just loved the embroidery on this pillowcase:


How about this:


Could that really be what it looks like? 

Found another awesome leather bag: 


Thor likes it. 


Here endeth the daily installment of estate sale goodies. You can wake up now. 

My honey and I are taking ballroom dance lessons. We took a beginner's session last year and promptly forgot everything, so we are back in the same class this time around. It's so cool to learn a new way of being together- a whole new thing to share, a new way to communicate. And it's fun! 

I didn't grow up with dance, or any kind of physical activity for that matter. No sports, no ice skating, no skiing, no ballet. In my early twenties I studied Middle Eastern Dance ( commonly referred to as bellydance ) for a couple of years, and have taken a handful of African dance classes and about 3 adult beginner ballet classes.
Have any of you taken dance classes? Do you like to dance?

165: stardust and ribbons

Some old-school crafty goodness:



The tube of glue, of course, is totally dried up but the packaging is just so awesome.




I love these ladies:




I got all of the above at an estate sale this weekend.

And these ribbons, too:




And these ribbons: 



And this:


Oh yeah, and some cute fabric, too:



And a bunch of other stuff that I'll show you later.

We got our new countertop this week! Pics to come. It looks sharp.

We were so excited about the kitchen's transformation that we decided to repaint the living room. We got a coat of primer on it tonight. We hope to have it finished by the end of next weekend.

When we first moved in, we scraped off all of the wallpaper, skimmed the walls and painted  them this wonderful warm brown. But the room just doesn't get enough light so it was always too dark even in the middle of the day.
I'll post before and after shots, of course.

Our painting soundtrack:

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions by Bruce Springsteen
Quintette du Hot Club de France by Django Rheinhardt and Stephane Grapelli
Monkey Business by Black Eyed Peas

Oh, hey, I bought my plane ticket to Portland  for Quilt Market! Ahhh! So exciting.

Hey, I'm going to do a Frequently Asked Questions thingy, so if there is anything I can add to the list after "How do you design fabric?" and "How do you get a gig with Free Spirit?" please let me know.

160: mary and the magic brain (and my weekend)

 You guys are like, yawn, right?

Well, I am sorry. 


I am going to try not to bore you.


But  I love to show you my goodies. Not those goodies, you cheeky monkey.


I will break up the endless photos of my estate sale finds with some actual , you know, writing- how about that?

I had a lovely weekend. As you know, I shopped.


I visited with a handful of good friends. Great friends, actually. Wonderful, vibrant women.


I watched Marie Antoinette with my friend Sue last night. She and I have been friends for years, but fell out of touch over the last few since she moved away. This week, I finally reconnected with one of the most creative people  I know- she's a real problem solver, an idea generator.


Sue wrote a book a few years ago, check out the title:
How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying To Kill Me.   It is just what it sounds like, her account of how she survived  suicidal thinking and multiple attempts. Though I no longer have suicidal thoughts, (that's right- I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, and was prone to suicidal thinking when I was in my teens) I have found this book  helpful. I think it could be repackaged to address 'depression' and reach a wider audience- a lot of people are depressed but aren't suicidal, and therefore would pass this book on the shelf. But How I stayed Alive... is perfect even 'just' for the blues. And anyone who gets the blues on a regular basis (like I do) knows there's nothing just about it!


Oh, this is neat: I accompanied Sue when she had an appearance on Good Morning America in 2002. I'll have to dig out some photos of our trip to New York!


As for Marie Antoinette, we enjoyed it. The visuals, of course, were delectable - sugared almond opulence.  


Another friend I visited with was Erica- one of my best friends from high school. We, too, had been out of touch for far too long.  I finally tracked her down and we got together again last November, for the first time since the early nineties!  Perhaps  because the last time we hung out regularly was back when I was in that depression and suicidal thinking mode, spending time with Erica  is medicine for my heart. Seeing how far I have come- that I made it through that time, and seeing her happily married, a mom -  wow.I am so happy that we have found each other again. Erica is funny, smart and sweet and I just love how she is as a mother. We enjoyed soy lattes at Borders this morning. Erica's 16 month old daughter, Jane, had foamed soymilk.


And then there is Andrea, a complete doll that I met last fall when we both enrolled in  a yoga teacher training. I have since pulled out of the program ( but will take it again next session) but Andrea just taught her first class on Friday! Wowee, I am so proud of her! We went out for Indian food that night and had a ball catching up. Then today, we took a two-hour Jivamukti Yoga workshop, which was awesome! I have a crush on that yoga class now- we'll see if it blossoms into true love.

I hope I got you through all the photos with a minimum of yawning.  Now a little recap of my goodies : cool magic brain calculator, some plastic Marys etc, Thor's chicken, spice rack that we are going to spruce up, neat dice
( hey, now we know what those weird dice were, from way back!) and some beads. Whew!

Oh yeah, tonight I spent a few hours working on a secret project! I'll be able to fill you in on that soon.

Thanks for listening - and looking.


159: silhouettes, tins and Beatrix Kiddo

And now for something completely different.

Not really.
Did I fake you?

More from yesterday's estate sale excursion:

When I saw these, I was sure I knew exactly what I would do with them: I would remove the pictures, paint the wood a glossy white, and use them to frame some swatches of my first strikeoffs ( not here yet, drat!)

But these silhouettes have enchanted me and I may have a hard time replacing them: 


Don't they look neat all close up like that?


Ah, we'll see.

This is cool, reminds me of a violin or cello with all the scrolly wooodwork:


It seems to be some kind of corner shelf, only the shelf part is long gone:


I love this neat old cardboard-y print thing:


So moody.


And with some great chippy textures. You know how I love that.


And a horsie:


Eeek, this is all looking quite dreary. How about a little color?


Oh, yes. Vintage Christmas ornaments.


Lots of pink!


Yummy candy colors. mmmm.

And how about some orange, my fave?


A cool covered tin!


Thor likes.


Even the lid is awesome and perfect all by itself: 


And oh man, when I saw another one? SCORE! 


It really couldn't be any cooler. I mean, unless it was filled with something crazy awesome. But it wasn't. Still.

The colors! The design!   The lid!


And of course, I had to see how they looked together.


Isn't it neat how similar they are?  And how gorgeous they look together?

Oh yeah, and the pie tins:


Table Talk pie tins!


And for some reason, I grabbed these funny little corn-husk dolls:


And then I set them up like a film still from Kill Bill:


xo, more soon.

nope, I'm not done yet. 

158: ball trim, yo

My honey and I went to two estate sales this morning and you will not believe the stuff we scored!
I have spent the last few hours photographing most of it.
You'll see, I had an assistant.

Some good old crafty books, and a cute dustpan:


I had the cat already:


Some cute trim ( love the packaging) :


And some cute appliques:


Smiling whales! 

Uh oh:


I rescued it before it went too far:


Flirtatious duck! You can practically hear her batting her eyelashes.

Some lovely embroidered linens:


And I'll tell you right now: I did not pay anywhere close to 12 bucks for these. 

Some doilies and lacey edged hankies:



Embroidered napkin:


Vintage tablecloth: 


Some Christmas-y linens:


Some ball trim, yo:


And this piece of pink perfection right here: 


Can you believe it?

More soon.


156: the promise of spring

Thank you for the kitchen love!

And no, we are not still thinking of doing a professional remodel. We didn't know how awesome it was going to come out; we just made it up as we went along!

I read all of the comments to my honey. He wouldn't admit it, but I think it made him feel good to receive so much positive feedback on the work he did.  The transformation was made even more fun and satisfying by sharing it with you.  Thanks, you guys! (More pics to come when we get the countertop.)

I took a few shots of some of the secondhand stuff in the kitchen that I hadn't featured before.

From a yard sale ( and now , the bird shelf ):


I love these little guys.


Their expressions.


The eggshell white, chalky blue, cornmeal.


The terra cotta revealed by the incised incised motif.


Feathery and leafy.

And this, oh man- I was psyched to find this ceramic lidded jar:


Stylized bees! You know how I love bee things. This is the stamp on the bottom:



Since I started gardening seven years ago, I have been wanting to keep a garden journal.
Well, consider this is my first entry:

After my discovery of  spring bulbs popping up around town,  I went meandering  in my  yard,  hoping to find some of my own.


There it is:

The promise of spring.

155: cantaloupe kitchen

It's not completely finished, but I am dying to show off the before and after of our kitchen.

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house in 2003:



We had originally hoped to do a thorough remodel and kept trying little things to perk it up a little until then: a coat of  paint on the walls, a coat of paint on the warped and water-stained wood floor, little rugs on the painted wood floor. We painted the cabinets. It still sucked. Yucky floor, dead space, that damned forest green counter top.

Eventually, we realized that a professional renovation is still a few years away. Cooking up our own homespun version of a  remodel was our only way to make the kitchen a pleasant place to be in the meantime.

Luckily, my honey is quite handy. He built a box around the perimeter of the ceiling so we could have recessed lighting. I have never had that - it feels so fancy!  Bought a new fridge. It's the side-by-side kind with filtered water in the door.  I never had a new fridge before either- what a difference. I feel like a princess. We covered the ceiling in textured tiles. We put down faux-marble self stick linoleum in a checkerboard pattern. Repainted the cabinets and replaced the hardware. Repainted the walls in a bright cantaloupe.  Added some overhead cabinets and a shelf where before there was just unusable space. 

And finally- the fun part: decorating! 



Oh yeah, forgot to mention the crown moulding. 


I love my kitchen  now!

I hope you will appreciate that I didn't clear off the counter for these shots. It's not perfect around here, but it's perfect for us.

You may recognize a bunch of this stuff:


See that little  jar next to the mugs? That is a bottle of M.S.G. from the spice rack my mom received as a wedding gift a million years ago!

Today we ordered a new countertop - just formica from the Depot. But it's in a deep blue faux marble which is going to look so awesome with the paint color. For the cabinets, I wanted faceted blue glass knobs- which my honey found super-cheap on ebay. What a difference it made when we put those on. Once we get that countertop, it's really gonna pop!

Here are the blue knobs and new cabinets:


Those lanterns are just hanging out there until I figure out where I want  them to go. The bowl and covered pitcher were made by my dear friend Madelyn Macedo. You can get one for yourself at her etsy shop.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell  you: see the edges of the doors on the new cabinets? Well, my honey routered our old cabinets to look like that!


We picked up the red clock at a secondhand shop. My honey removed the cord and replaced  the mechanism but it still isn't working right, obviously. He set the date to Feb 14 because we like to say 'Every Day is Valentine's Day.' Please don't vomit. It's sweet.

Above the stove, the bird shelf:


All thrifted. I wasn't even trying to collect bird things specifically. As I was decorating the kitchen, I realized I had so many that I should group them together.


In the bottom right corner you can see our fez monkey salt and pepper shakers(we have a thing for fez monkeys):


Even the shelf thing is secondhand! We saw it at a yard sale for 2 bucks- it had a yucky blue paint job.

And it finally gave me a place to display my plates! These were  thrown and painted by me in Madelyn's studio, maybe 5 years ago?


Frida-inspired eyebrows and antlers, clearly. But anyone who knows me will tell you these are my eyes. 

Our awesome new fridge! 


If you look closely, on the butcherblock  you will see a purple-covered sugar bowl that I commissioned from Madelyn. It has a fez monkey on it. Lucky for you, she added this motif to her line of ceramics! Yep, it's another one of her bowls  on top of the fridge. ( I have lots of her mugs, too, but those are in the pantry.)

That cake stand I told you about last week, freshly cleaned and piled with vintage ribbons:


Prepare to be amazed:


Set of vintage ceramic chickeny canisters, yard sale.
Fifty. Cents. For the set. Yes.

We still have some work ahead, but we did what we set out to do: make the kitchen feel like us.

Wow, it took  me an hour and a half to write this post. I hope you enjoy it! 

153: born to hum


Word dice from an estate sale -  a while ago.


I've shown a little bit of this trunk before. I got this at a yard sale for 75 bucks. I rarely make any purchase that pricey at a yard sale, but I couldn't resist.

.................................... .................................... .................................... ....................................

Last weekend, I did a little blog housekeeping:

Remember how I am freakish about my links? Well I changed around my blogroll categories, made a bunch of subscriptions public ( which I will list next time, so you can go visit) ,  and tidied up my little wave pattern I have going on with the link list. It takes time, but I find it oddly soothing and satisfying.

On the sidebar, I added a place  to subscribe to yummygoods by email. ( Krissi and Jooky, there you go!) I also linked to my Sugar Snap preview.

Last weekend was quite productive! Spent some quality time with my honey,  did my bloggy cleanup, worked on the kitchen ( which is looking so cute, it gives me flutters), did some great estate sale shopping.  

This is from last weekend:


This, too:


Last night, I was looking for some new music online and  found this adorable song:

Born to Hum ( once you get there click on the little arrow to the left of  the track name) by Erin Mckeown.

I hope you will listen to it, let me know if it makes you smile.

152: it is a white, woolly animal


From yesterday's estate sale-ing.


You know how happy these made me. 


(for any new readers: I am not religious,  I just really like religious imagery)


I still kick myself over some statues I  passed up in the last couple of years. Because of that, now I just snatch them right up when I see them. You know, if the price is right.

It appeared to be a French teacher's home where (among many books en francais) I found this gem: 


Or should I say bijoux? A Charlie Brown comic book in French; Oui, c'est vrai!

A book on phonetics :



It is a white, woolly animal.

Oh my god, that reminds me:
My honey and I were driving around a few months ago, brainstorming names for the prints, colorways  and the entire collection.

         My Honey: How about Velvet? You know how that one looks like velvet?

         Me: Well... that might be confusing since the line isn't made from velvet, it's a quilting cotton... But, good  thinking, honey! Keep 'em coming!

         {A few moments of pouting.  Him, not me.}

         My Honey:  Maybe you should name it Lamb-y Something....

         Me: What do you mean?

          My Honey: Well, since cotton comes from lambs...

         Me:  Honey?

         My Honey: Yeah?

         Me:  Do you mean wool? Because cotton grows on a plant. You know, like in the south? Puffy cotton in fields?

        (half-heartedly trying to hide my smirk)

         And wool, you know? They shear the sheep and then spin the wool into yarn? 

         My Honey:  No, it comes from lambs.

         Me: (smirk, chortle) Okay, honey. Cotton comes from lambs.

         (snicker, snort)

151: All Occasion Assortment

Thank you so much for your  enthusiasm for Sugar Snap!
What a treat it was for me to gobble up your  sweet comments. I think I'm going to print  out the pages  and display them on the fridge for a while - to let them really sink in.  I kinda still can't believe that I really have my own fabric line coming out!


The first day of March! I am positively aching for springtime. 

From today's estate sale haul:


These watercolors probably aren't usable; I just really liked the tin.


Have a look inside:


I wonder what images were painted with this set...


I was psyched to find this: 


A box of vintage cards!


No, they don't all have elephants on them.

I also scored a bunch of books, a glass cake stand and this gorgeous blankie:


It's in the wash right now, but as soon as it's dry, it will be wrapped around me.

Mmm, cocoa is sounding good right about now...

148: mystery fruit?

More thrifty fabric awesomeness:


Not Thor, but Zeus this time:

I really like this striped fabric. Looks kind of bar-codey in this shot:


I might overdye this one:


Oh, and did my heart ever skip a beat when I saw this perfection :


The colors! The fruit! Or is it a vegetable? ( apple? tomato? radish?)

It's a vintage screenprinted long (double sided!) smock/apron kinda thing.


I looked up the name "scuda" but didn't find much, just a couple of vague listings on ebay.

Anyone know anything about it?

147: ...deserves another


Yep, more textures. 


This is a cement urn that I got at a yard sale a while back.
I have shown this one before, too, but not so close up.

More textures from yummyland:



This  old  tank  lives behind the garage . I'm told it used to hold well water  for the garden. 


I love it.


More wandering with the camera...


I rescued this from the free shop at the dump:


Rusty garden fencing. Perfect. 

I am going to take a length of it,  clip little things to it and use it as a bulletin board.

Oooh, just thought of this: I'll form some of it into a chandelier shape and weave white christmas lights through it! Yes!! ( Honey, maybe  that's the unique lighting for the kitchen we've been looking for?)

Some of my favorite things all together in this one, above: old paint, lichen, and viney tendrils.

Hmmm, tendril. That's a great word, isn't it? It's the name of one of the prints in my line! (sneak peak coming soon, for real.)


One thing that I just love about plants is this: they want to live. Look at the survival technique of this vine! The tendrils, the little pads that attach to surfaces. It never fails to impress me.


The garage doors.


Walking around the yard with the camera just makes me so happy. These textures, the colors, the history and the decay.




Here you can see why I wanted to be outside that day:


February sun. Silhouettes laying over the blue sky. Loose fiber-fill wisp of cloud.


Just look at the smouldering colors on this old thermometer. I practically want to eat it.


This is the other door to the garage.

Eventually, this freestanding building will become my very own shop!
Our property is zoned for commercial use as well as residential, which is one of the reasons we bought it.
When I was trying to choose my blog name, I decided that I wanted it to also be the name that we would use for the shop. After a few rounds of brainstorming, I finally dreamed up Yummy Goods. In time, we will remodel the garage and create our little magical world, and this website will function as our online store in addition to my personal website and blog.

Maybe someday you'll come to Cape Cod and stop in for a Yummy visit!

146: one good urn


I know I already showed you this little urn I got at a flea market a couple of years ago, but the winter sun was just too perfect on the rust for me to resist.


My heart does little flip-flops when I see texture and color like this.



Ahhhh. Yum. 


So, guess what I can do?

I can give a sneaky little peak at my line!

It might be a couple of days, but stay tuned! 

143: fabric old and new

Hey, have a look at these vintage fabrics I scored recently:


So cute!


Someday I will have to photograph the rest of my stash. These days I take photographs right when I bring my finds home, but I still have years of collecting to document!


I love that  medallion type of stylized design mixed with the more realistic floral.

And while we are  on the topic of fabric, here are some of the goodies I cut up for the little bits giveaway coming up soon:


That's some old school Amy Butler right there.

And some new(er) school: 


Sorry the colors are so weird! I took these pictures in the evening with lamplight, not my usual daylight.


And some  adorable bunnies that I couldn't resist:


Giveaway coming soon!

138: apple-ique

This little apple applique was nestled in with the naked dolls I scored a while back:


So delicate! 


Not sure yet what I will do with  it. Perhaps showcase it on the center of a pillow.  Maybe I'll put it in a little frame and just hang it up until I feel inspired to do something else with it.

Got this vintage file drawer last summer at a church yard sale:


I think I will do a series of paintings on these. They are made of nice heavy cardstock with metal encasing the letter tabs.

I have been trying to limit my blog reading in the last few days. I get so obsessed!
I end up feeling kind of hung over from it, to be honest. I have been flickr-ing instead. I finally started my favorites and now I can't stop. But the good thing is that it is fun and inspiring and doesn't cause the hangover that blog-reading sometimes does for me!

I'm a delicate flower, what can I say?

Flickr groups I dig:

Free Spirit Fabrics (and Rowan) , of course!
If you haven't joined and put your photos in yet, tell me this : why the heck not?  And I would love it if you would introduce yourself in the little message board area.
Pretty please?

Texture Whores 

The Secret Life of Toys 

Kitsch Itch 

Any groups you'd like to recommend? 



135: the weirdest thing I own


I got something last summer that I have been dying to show you.

But I have hesitated because it is very weird. 

But I love it.

But it is freaky.

You have been warned.


Here goes.

Not so weird you say?
How about this view then?


 Pretty dang freaky, right?

I mean, what the heck is this thing?

Where is it from?

I mean, I got it for three bucks at this wild outdoor junk shop, but where did it come from?

If this strange head vase thing is still not striking you as all that bizarre, then I have news for you: 


Yes. That's right. On the other side it has double eyes.

Here is the only identifying information I could find on it:


 So, what is the weirdest thing you own?
Wanna take pictures of it and post it on your blog?
I want to see. 

133: never pat a bear

Some recent thrift, for your enjoyment:


Isn't that bottom one the cutest

Here, a closer view: 


Such adorable expressions.

I can't explain why I picked this up, but here you go:




Closer still....


That poodle sure wears a lot of liquid liner.

And in case you were considering it,


Love that expression on the bear's face.

Ok, first look at the cuteness of this ornate piggy-bank pig :


And now notice the mouth of the girl with the apple!
What the...?
Cute dress, though.